Thousands of these critters are living in your home!

dust-mite with text

Yuck! What is that thing? It’s a dust mite. I learned about these guys a couple of months ago and was thoroughly disgusted. And chances are, there are thousands of them living in your home.

First of all, it’s not your fault! These critters have eight legs and at the end of each leg is a powerful hook or sucker. These guys will cling to anything and hitch a ride to a brand new, fun, and exciting place.

Can they hurt you? Well, they don’t bite. But according to housedustmite.comย their enzymes are powerful enough to “break down delicate cells and then go on to enter the body!”ย In fact, according to, “50-80% of asthmatics may have symptoms due to house dust mites.” Continue reading “Thousands of these critters are living in your home!”

FlyLady Challenge – Day 16

Hello everyone!

It’s been increasingly hard for me to find a regular time to write up a blog post. With kiddos off to Vacation Bible School this week & trying to keep with the regular household duties (plus the new catalog coming out) I’m not finding a lot of spare time. So, I’m going to keep it simple for the rest of the Challenge. I’ll just post the link for the Day on my Facebook page & on Twitter (craftyantoinett). That way I can keep the Challenge going & still encourage you too! Feel free to add my as a friend on FB or follow me on Twitter and we can learn how to FLY together. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s today’s Challenge… Day 16 – Read an email from FlyLady. Click on the link & it should take you there.

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FlyLady Challenge – Day 15

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post here to see how everyone’s doing. I got knocked out of commission this weekend & didn’t get a whole lot of cleaning done. But I’m ok with that. Got a lot of rest in & I think I needed that. ๐Ÿ™‚

I need to go get my shoes on then take a look at Day 15 – Make Your Bed.

Oh Goodie! This is one of those Baby Steps that I have half ways down. We use our bed as a diaper changing station so I usually make the bed right away (unless my husband beats me to it) & put all the diaper stuff on there before I go get the baby boy.

How’s everyone doing? Are we getting bored with the FlyLady Challenge? Or would you just rather go at your own pace? I would love it if y’all could leave some comments so I know whether I should keep going with this or not. AND, let me know what kind of challenges you are interested in. ๐Ÿ˜€

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“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” – Francis Chan

FlayLady Challenge – Day 14 (& another challenge -ABS Diet?)

Hello again! How are your morning routines going? And your before bed routines? When I remember to do my before bed routine the next day goes so much smoother in the morning! If you haven’t had a chance to get into a routine I’d like to challenge you tonight. Just pick out your clothes for tomorrow. Shine your sink. Those little things can make a huge difference in how your start your day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 14 beholds an essay for us to read. It’s about using a calendar if you don’t already do that. Nowadays there are some really great calendars out there. You can even sync your calendars with other family members through gmail and other sites! There are some really great apps for your phone. Don’t underestimate the old school wall calendar either. FlyLady has great calendar in her shop & this is the calendar that I use.

To go off on a bit of a tangent, I’ve been thinking about starting another challenge since we’re getting our lives organized. Some of you know that I’ve lost a lot of weight this past year. I get a lot of questions about how I’ve done it. I did it all through a group that met at our church called PRISM. I learned a lot about nutrition, but I also learned a lot about why I ate the way that I did. I’m an emotional eater/stress eater & not everyone is the same. Unfortunately the group isn’t meeting any more. However, a friend mentioned a book that I was shocked to find was very similar in its eating plan. The writer is spot on with his approach to weight loss & has such good information to read. It’s called The ABS DIET. I have to admit that when I first heard the title I didn’t like it at all. My goal is not to have well defined abs, a six pack or anything of the sort. The more I read though, the more I realized that his approach is to get rid of the fat in that area of your body, surrounding your organs.

I won’t go on & on about it right now. If you get a chance, go over to this site to read a review of the book. I liked the review because it was very realistic. I was able to check this book out from the library to preview it first before purchasing. However, I found a link to the diet information through Women’s Health Magazine. The goal is not so much to go on a diet, but to work on changing bad eating habits. There’s so much I want to share it that area.

What I need to know is, who’s interested? And if you’re interested when do you want to get started? Monday? That would give you a chance to read through the info & go grocery shopping this weekend. I can’t wait to hear what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚


FlyLady Challenge – Day 13

Here we are… trucking right along to Day 13: Pick One of Kelly’s Missions & do it. I took a peek at her missions for this week & they are in the master bedroom. I know that I’m not ready for that because I’m still working on my desk & the family room. In fact, I haven’t gotten down there in a couple of days. (That may have something to do with the new catalog coming out on Monday!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or maybe it has something to do with the heat wave. Either way, I know I need to get down there. 15 minutes, right? OK, I can do that.

What are you doing today?


FlyLady Challenge – Day 12

OK, I literally laughed out loud when I read Day 12 – Delete all emails from FlyLady. Didn’t I just say that? LOL! So it’s not just me, even she knows they can get overwhelming. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Go ahead, delete them if you haven’t already. They’ll be back the next day. ๐Ÿ™‚

How are you doing? I still struggle keeping the sink shined, but I’ve been doing a whole lot better at keeping it empty & cleaning off the counter. Believe me, that’s a BIG improvement. I picked out my clothes last night & dressed to shoes in the morning. When I don’t wear my shoes my back is usually hurting pretty bad by about 2:00 & I need to sit down to rest it. But when I get my shoes on I can get a lot more done. Enough motivation for me!

Anyone have a favorite Baby Step so far? Anyone still doing the challenge?


FlyLady Callenge – Day 11

Hello Fly Babies! Short & sweet today… we are trucking along to Day 11. Let’s add an Inspirational Page to our Control Journal. One of my favorite inspirational sayings comes from the Bible in the book of Phillippians, Chapter 4 verses 8-9 “8 And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9 Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from meโ€”everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

What are some of your favorite inspirational sayings?


FlyLady Challenge – Day 10

I’m a little excited. My husband just finished putting this shelf up in the laundry room…

Woo-Hoo! We’re getting organized and decluttered! (My Spell Check is tell me that’s not a word it’s familiar with.) LOL!

On to Day 10… You can Do Anything for 15 minutes! Do know know how true this is? There have been so many times when I look at my kitchen and get so overwhelmed at the mess. But when I remember this Baby Step I set my timer for 15 minutes & start with the dishes. Before you know it my timer’s going off & I’m saying, “I just need to finish this & put that away…” Once you get started & you see yourself making progress, you don’t want to stop! However, don’t get yourself into a position where you’re pulling everything out of a closet & won’t have time to get back to it until next week. That’s why I love the 15 minutes rule. Do what you can in 15 minutes. If the timer goes off & you have another 15 minutes to invest, go for it! If the timer goes off & you need to get some other stuff done, you don’t have a huge mess to clean up before you go. Wanna see my desk? Still a work in progress, but here’s the first attempt…

Look, I can now actually get to the desk! I sorted through all of my Thirty-One bags, pulled out the ones that are retiring & kept the ones that are current. Now to find a place to store them out of the way (hence the shelf in the basement).

Here’s my next attempt…

A lot more cleared off on the actual desk area. I got some filing done & some shredding done too. Feels awesome!!!

I hope you are doing well & enjoying the challenge. Remember this is only meant as a tool to help you FLY. If you’re feeling behind, just stick to the day that you’re on. You may still be back on Day 1 trying to keep your sink cleaned & shining. That’s ok! Move on to the next step when you feel ready. We might be trying to undo years of other habits. That takes hard work & dedication. And you know what? I know you can do it!


FlyLady Challenge- Day 8 & 9

Once again I am late in posting the FlyLady Challenge… proof that I need it more than ever! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are on to Day 8 today: Get a 3 Ring Binder & Put Paper in it.

That’s what mine looks like. I keep our daily schedule in the front cover & it doubles as a teacher’s binder too (for homeschooling). Doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you want to make fancy, go for it!

I’m going to move on to Day 9: Declutter a few minutes at a time. How many of you are just like me? If you can’t start the project and finish it why bother? Or maybe you take one look at a heaping mess & don’t even know where to start? Yep, I’ve fallen back into that mind set. I love her idea to just take a few minutes in one area to clean a little bit. For me, that’s going to be my desk. And this is going to be embarrassing…

Yep, that’s my desk. I can’t even get to it. And there’s no space to even put my lap top. Plus, my company is coming out with a brand new catalog in about 10 days. I need to get this desk ready for business! So I will try to remember to post pictures of my progress to encourage you. Would love to hear what you’re working on.

Yesterday I briefly mentioned Big Tent. This is a free group & email service. If you sign up for it then you will get daily reminders to shine your sink, dress to shoes, etc. What I don’t want to happen is to have you sign up for the email reminders, start getting the emails & then get completely overwhelmed with everything. I almost think it’s better to just go through the Baby Steps on the web site, or through her book. Then, when you feel like your head is above water feel free to sign up for the emails. I do get the emails, but I haven’t been reading them. I like seeing them in my Inbox as a reminder to do my Baby Steps right now. Some day I will start reading them, just not yet. You do have the choice to get individual emails sent out or one daily digest. I get the daily digest… just one email with all the topics combined. Keeps my Inbox from getting even more cluttered.

OK, let’s get to it! You can do this!


FlyLady Challenge – Day 7

How we doing people? We’re on Day 7 already! Are you finding it hard to keep up, or do you feel like you’re FLYing? Let’s see, the sink is definitely getting easier for me, but I think my husband has been helping. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve been dressing to shoes & I’ve noticed that I am ready to start my day a lot earlier AND I’m getting a lot more done during my day. I notice the Post-It Note in the bathroom more than the one above the sink… and I’m considering putting another up. It will say: Floss, Brush Gums, Fluoride Rinse. (Anyone who attend The Urban Refuge this past Sunday will get that one.) ๐Ÿ™‚

How ’bout those negative thoughts? That may be the hardest thing to do. Now, I’m a Christian, so I like to turn these thoughts over to God. Since He’s the One who made me I figure He doesn’t think about me that way… why should I? Nope, not gunna do it… anymore. I’ve wasted way too much time letting those thoughts take over my life. I have a choice to make each time they come. Either I can listen to them, sit & marinate in them until I’m oozing negativity (oh so much fun to be around). Or I can see them for what they are… LIES. Then flip those words around… “What was that you said, I’m a Loser? Why thank you, I am! I’ve lost 60 pounds over the past year, & I’m not done yet!” Take that! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sooooo… where were we? Baby steps! As I was looking back on the Baby Steps I realized that I missed one. FLYLady recommends going to BigTent and signing up for the email service. This is a free service & will give you email reminders of all the things that us FlyBabies are working on. I will talk a little bit more about that tomorrow since this post is getting long enough already. Let’s move on to Day 7. This step has saved my tuckus a couple of times. Especially if we have some event that the kids are going to the next day & the one pair of pants they need is in the dirty laundry! Yep, another good one.

I’d love to hear how any of you are doing. Leave a comment if you get a chance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

God Bless,